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About Mobile IT

Our journey has taken us from building “White Boxes” in a basement to building infrastructure in the Cloud.
It was in 1996 when as a start-up, founded by Kevin Adelson, we lucked upon

a software company that needed some on-the-ground hardware help. Within two years, we were on Intel’s radar, becoming their largest “White Box” computer manufacturer in the State of Michigan. They were pretty shocked to find we were building hundreds of white boxes from our basement!

As with everything in this industry, nothing lasts forever and the next big

thing was already upon us. With hardware moving offshore, we moved into infrastructure and were fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest Auto companies in the US and abroad.

Primarily running Citrix and managing thousands of users for our clients. We

learned a lot from working with the likes of Ford and Toyota and really honed our craft as we moved into the new Millennium. Key to our success story has been establishing and maintaining good, honest relationships with our customers, leading to a retention rate of over 95% since 1996.