In 1996, Kevin Adelson founded MobileIT and began building ‘White Boxes’ from a basement deep in the heart of Michigan.

And this was just the beginning!


MobileIT quickly gained a reputation for excellence and within a short period of time made it onto Intels’ radar for manufacturing ‘whitebox’ computer hardware. Accelerate forward a short time and MobileIT’s status as the largest ‘White Box’ computer manufacturer in Michigan was firmly established.

Whilst focused on Intel and other big corporate clients, Kevin quickly identified a shift in the IT revolution in infrastructure and security. Before long, MobileIT was soon working with the likes of blue chip auto giants Ford and Toyota.

During this period MobileIT designed and developed a number of award winning IT solutions still used today by thousands of users.

With Kevin at the helm, MobileIT’s senior leadership team has drawn on over 150 years industry experience to chart an unbeatable list of achievements and success. Today the company has grown to a multi-site operation with its Head Office still based in Michigan.

The speed and agility at which MobileIT has been able to adapt and develop in an ever changing industry is testimony to its success. Focused on cutting edge technology and solutions driven excellence, MobileIT has enjoyed phenomenal growth and is now recognized as a market leader.