Secure your Data

Our team of CISSP certified security experts will consult and investigate the challenges and vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure.

Risk Assessment

You can’t protect and make the correct decisions when you don’t fully understand what the issues are.

Our team of cybersecurity experts focus solely on your business and its valuable assets to provide a full risk assessment of possible threats.

Adopting best practice, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to ensure you are fully protected both onsite and remotely. 


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Architectural Implementation

We can help you respond to potential and existing attacks by designing a comprehensive, cost effective cybersecurity strategy tailored to address specific business risk.

Once an action plan has been completed, we work closely with you to implement the recommended strategy and advise on further preventative measures to help mitigate any risk.

With decades of experience our experts can assist your business through the continuation of system improvement and encouragement of a culture of cyber resiliency.

By adopting our strategic plan, your business will be able to prioritize actions to maximize resources whilst mitigating risks.


Threats to your business


Phishing scams


Employee data theft

Session hijacking attacks


DDoS attacks



Security Grants available for Faith Based Institutions


$1 billion has been awarded by the US Department of Homeland Security in the form of security grants for faith-based institutions. MobileIT has already successfully completed numerous IT projects for religious institutions and is eager to help your organisation. MobileIT can help you with all aspects of your grant application and can tailor solutions to meet your security needs. Call us now to speak to one of our security consultants.



To establish the threat landscape and gain an understanding of current security measures.



Develop a security programme to secure data and apply this to systems, people and processes



Ensure all and ever changing regulatory standards for security compliance are always maintained.



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